Nail correction which keeps your nail on the right track


Orpyx SI insole that fits into your diabetic shoes and allows me to remotely monitor what is happening with your feet. They are called Orpyx® SI Sensory Insoles.

Orpyx Si photo

  • These insoles will allow me to keep track of the health of your feet in between your appointments at my office.
  • The insoles will keep us both informed when potential issues arise to minimize risk.
  • These are covered by many insurance companies including Medicare, so the cost is typically in-line with your normal co-insurance amounts.

I’ve attached a brochure with information for you to review, and please go to the company’s website to learn more: Here!

I think these will be a good option to keep you active and improve the overall health of your feet. We will discuss this more at your next appointment.

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